The best of digital


Today's society (the world) is changing at a fast pace and diversifying with the pace of economic, social and technological change. Anticipate, decrypt and propose scalable solutions, here is the main goal of HyperTech. The group is committed to meeting the essential needs and new expectations of stakeholders through innovative solutions. All are intended to improve the quality of life of individuals and enhance the effectiveness of organizations or companies. The complete solutions managed by HyperTech include :

  • IT consulting
  • Network and Security Management
  • Backup management and data restoration
  • Design and implementation of infrastructure
  • Private server hosting
  • VoIP communications platform


HyperTech brings trust in an increasingly connected and ever-changing world to businesses and individuals with respect for privacy and confidentiality.


Imagine and develop solutions that improve the digitization of everyday life, at work, in leisure and in mobility, making it possible to increase the efficiency of organizations (companies).


Our solutions allow to personalize and integrate business applications, in order to allow our customers to secure their data for an enhanced performance of their activities.